My Pets
who have
Bugs came to me after I saw a sign in the neighborhood that
someone found a bunny.  Will no one claimed him and since he
was already a full grown bunny, no one wanted him.  So, Bugs
became part of my family.  He is the sweetest bunny and
exceptionally friendly and gives bunny kisses.  Sadly after 8 years
of bunnie kisses and love, Bugs passed away on 11/7/12.
Sara was a therapy bunny that a young lady had for a
couple years, but unfortunately she could not keep her
since she was going away to college.  I agreed that I would
give her a forever home.  She is a Fuzzy Lop with a
chinchilla coat.  She loves to be brushed and loves her
treats.  She misses her soul mate bugs and became very
ill after he passed.  Surprisingly, she pulled through and is
doing just fine as a senior bunny.  She has an English
Bantum chicken as her forever friend.  
Below is Ariela as a kitten.  She is an exotic short hair (short
hair persian)  I adopted her so that my Ragdoll cat
"Charlotte" would have a little sister to play with.  Sadly,
Ariela passed away on 10/13/12.  We had lost Charlotte,
Sissy, and then our rescue kitty Mitsy.  Ariela missed them
so much, she slowly faded away.
This is Charlotte (Ragdoll cat).  She was the most loving kitty
and gorgeous.  She liked to escape to the outdoors and we
think someone picked her up.  She would go to any one.