My name is Karen
I am the creator of
the Purfect Pet Sitting
Business.  I have been
involved with animals
since I was a young
child and I particularly have a love for dogs
and cats.  I have competed in obediance
trials early in my youth and
have been an
owner handler of my own dogs and client
dogs in AKC competitive dog shows
.  In
addition to having a family full of cats and
dogs, I
've had chickens and bunnies.  My
life never seems complete unless I have my
furry critters to take care of and to love.

Pet sitting for me is more than just a
business.  For me, it is a passion to do the
best I can and to make my clients and pets
feel comfortable and secure.  It is the most
rewarding type of business I can imagine to
be a part of.  The stories and experiences of
being a pet sitter has been incredible.  

I am currently a certified Pet Sitter and a
member of Pet Sitters International (PSI).  
This organization provides all members
with continued education, guidelines,
support, resources, and so much more to help
with the Pet Sitting Business.   Please feel
free to visit their site since there is plenty of
information for the public and if you know
some one out of the area, you can also
search for a pet sitter in other areas through

I belong to the City of Angels Pomeranian
Club where we concentrate on many aspects
of the Pomeranian breed.  We not only
discuss and sponsor show events, but we
discuss the breed standard, problems and
solutions of the breed through our
educational sessions and monthly
meetings.  Our club helped in the
organization of the Southern California
Pomeranian Rescue and you can check out  
the site at   

Please also visit my pomeranian website
and see my beautiful champions at: